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Cogni Keto combines the power of a ketogenic product with cognition enhancing ingredients.

FOCUS AND CLARITY SUPPLEMENT: Perfect for those who need to focus for a few hours, CogniKeto can help you block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. Ideal for Sports Athletes, recreational gamers, students or for those who have a mentally demanding job, CogniKeto is the perfect coffee replacement for a focus boost. 

• BRAIN BOOSTER FOR ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY: Need to get a lot done? Look no further. With a premium blend of brain boosting ingredients such as Alpha-GPC, Lions Mane Extract, and Huperzine-A, CogniKeto will dial you in for tunnel-vision focus to get everything on your To-Do List crossed off. 

• KETOGENIC FRIENDLY: 10g of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts were included in CogniKeto for not only help signaling your body to switch into Ketosis, but for the research on exogenous ketones and brain function. Research shows that when ketones are the primary fuel source for the brain, it can provide advanced cognitive benefits and support overall brain health and function. 

• SUPPORT COGNITIVE HEALTH // MEMORY RECALL: With the inclusion of Lions Mane Extract, CogniKeto helps enhance the production of Nerve Growth Factor. Increases in Nerve Growth Factor have been shown to help support brain health and also enhance memory recall. 

• PERFECT FOR eSPORTS & STUDYING: Students, no matter the age, could always use a boost cognitively to help recall specific information. Perfect to take when studying for a big exam, CogniKeto will help support memory recall and information processing. Sports athletes love CogniKeto for it's ability to support improved reaction time and mental reflexes. 

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