Metha-Quad, Chosen 1 and Chrysin 750 Stack

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Chosen 1

Chrysin 750

Can Metha-Quad, Chosen 1 and Chrysin 750 Stack be stacked with anything else? Yes! Muscle Size Stack works best when stacked with AB-12 and Alpha PCT. We recommend the following stacking protocol for maximum muscle size gains.

Month 1:

  • Chemical Four 1 tab daily
  • Legendary 1 cap daily
  • Permaswole 1 scoop 15 min before workouts

Month 2:

  • Chemical Four 1 tab daily
  • Permaswole 1 scoop 15 min before workouts
  • TestAbol 2 Caps daily

Month 3: 

Organ Shield (liver support) Continuing Chrysin 750  Highly Recommend 

Month 4: 

Use Cutting Stack

The Perfect Size Stack - Metha Quad, Chosen 1 and Chrysin 750 

Metha Quad Extreme

Metha-Quad Extreme works perfectly as it provides all of the prohormones necessary for huge jumps on the scale, while allowing you to add more and more 45 pound plates to the bar. 

  • Increased Size and Strength
  • Rapid Gains
  • Vascularity
  • More Power

Chosen 1

Chosen 1 by design, is non-methylated and does not adversely affect the liver like most steroidal products have in the past. The liver contains the necessary enzyme needed to convert 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone, but this process does not in any way harm liver function.

  • Increase muscle mass
  • No bloating or water retention
  • Not liver toxic
  • Lean, dry gains
  • No estrogen conversion
  • Increased strength and recovery

Chrysin 750

Increases Free Testosterone For Both Men and Women A Must for Any Pro-Hormone Cycle 

  • Helps Blocks the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen.*
  • Elevates Natural Testosterone*
  • Increases Libido 
  • Decreases Body Fat

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