4 Glory by Sparta Nutrition with GenXLabs Test-abol

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Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily.

Powerful Mass Muscle Builder*

- Converts into Testosterone*

- Helps Increase Strength*

- Helps Increase Muscle Recovery*

- Helps Improve Mood*

- Helps Increase Muscle Fullness*

- Helps Boost Libido*

- Helps Increase Protein Synthesis*

With GenXLabs Test-abol

Why GenXLabs Test-ABOL?

Two percent or less of the Testosterone in the body is unbound (free) and available to build muscle or increase sex drive. The reason most products marketed to increase muscle mass destroy sex drive is the same reason that their results are limited. They increase bound testosterone.

In the human body, testosterone occurs in two states - the bound and unbound testosterone . Ninety-eight per cent of natural testosterone is bound to the plasma protein called sex hormone-binding globulin. That makes only 2% of unbound testosterone that is free to circulate in the bloodstream to bind with androgen receptors located at different parts of the body, including in the muscle cells. When the hormone binds with the androgen receptors it's then and there that anabolism takes place.

Do you want to know if your muscle mass building product is working?

  • Increase Muscle Growth 
  • Increase Strength 
  • Increase Libido 

Lab testing and anecdotal results prove that Bulbine Natalensis, the primary ingredient in Test-ABOL, gives a huge increase in sex drive in three to four days. Once you start a weight appropriate cycle of Test-ABOL, You will know it is working. On top of that Test-ABOL lowers estrogen. Users report 6 to 12 pounds of lean muscle gains.

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