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REAL MASS Probiotic 12 lbs by Gaspari

REAL MASS Probiotic 12 lbs by Gaspari
Brand:Gaspari Nutrition Gaspari Nutrition
Product Code: 646511009165 DS
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Primary Ingredient: Whey Protein Concentrate
Other Ingredient: Carbohydrates
Primary Use: Muscle Gainer
Other Use: Protein Enzymes
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Gaspari Nutrition 

REAL MASS Probiotic 12 lbs

Elite Athlete Weight Gainer Powder!

High Calorie Probiotic Infused Weight Gainer!*


Whether you're a serious athlete or just looking to put on quality size, sometimes getting all your calories in isn't easy. To get big, you have to eat big which is why Gaspari Nutrition developed REAL MASS. This advanced weight gainer has 1230 calories with 50 grams of protein to pack on some REAL MASS. Also, it comes loaded with the durable and patent protected GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) probiotic to help support digestive and immune health.

This advanced probiotic is strong enough to survive manufacturing, doesn't require refrigeration, is shelf stable, and survives stomach acids to deliver beneficial bacteria to your digestive system all the while having REAL clinical research to back up those claims. When it comes to putting on quality mass the facts don't lie. You need high calories and REAL MASS has just what you need to pack on the pounds and support your immune and digestive health. Gaspari Nutrition keeps it real.

Product Highlights

  • 1230 High Quality Calories
  • 50 Grams of Protein
  • Contains the Patented GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans) Probiotic to Support Digestive and Immune Health*
  • Features Seven Amino Acid Packed Protein Sources
  • No Sugars Added
  • Gluten and Artificial Color Free

Contains a Clinically Validated Probiotic

There are very few if any weight gainers on the market utilizing probiotics. REAL MASS Probiotic Series utilizes a specific strain that is proven safe1 and effective.2

Contains at Least 50g of Protein per Serving

Weight gainers shouldn't be loaded with fats and sugars. The nutrition facts don't lie so compare your favorite brand to Real Mass Probiotic Series to any competitor on the market.

All Flavors are Artificial Color Free

With the great advances in food technology there really isn't an excuse to have products with these in them. Natural coloring isn't cheap, but certainly is a commitment to clean formulation.

Tastes Great

When you are trying to pack in the calories they should taste good shouldn't they? Gaspari Nutrition has an extremely talented R&D staff who upheld their reputation of great tasting products with REAL MASS Probiotic Series.

Made in a SQF 2000 Level 3 Certified Facility

No customer should settle for compromises on quality control or safety. This is why REAL MASS Probiotic Series is made in SQF 2000 Level 3 certified facility. Few companies can say their protein powders are manufactured with this degree of care.3


  1. Endres JR, Qureshi I, Farber T, Hauswirth J, Hirka G, Pasics I, Schauss AG. One-year chronic oral toxicity with combined reproduction toxicity study of a novel probiotic, Bacillus coagulans. Food Chem Toxicol. 2011 May;49(5):1174-82.
  2. Kimmel M, Keller D, Farmer S, Warrino DE. A controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effect of GanedenBC(30) on immunological markers. Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 2010 Mar;32(2):129-32.
12 Lbs.  
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 5 Scoops(325g)
Servings Per Container 16
Amt Per Serving% Daily Value*
Calories From Fat30  
Total Fat3.5g5%
Saturated Fat1g5%
Trans Fat0g  
Total Carbohydrate250g83%
Dietary Fiber3g12%
Vitamin A  50%
Vitamin C  50%
Calcium  60%
Iron  20%
Vitamin D  25%
Vitamin E  50%
Thiamin  160%
Riboflavin  120%
Niacin  130%
Vitamin B6  130%
Folate  50%
Vitamin B12  80%
Biotin  50%
Pantothenic Acid  130%
Phosphorus  50%
Iodine  50%
Magnesium  35%
Zinc  50%
Selenium  50%
Copper  25%
Manganese  50%
Chromium  50%
Molybdenum  50%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs
Glucose Polymers, Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin, Milk Protein Isolate, Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein), Rice Protein Concentrate, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Taurine, L-Glutamine, Nondairy Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Mono- And Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Tocopherols), Natural And Artificial Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Rice Starch, Calcium Citrate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Aspartate, Carrageenan, Vitamin-Mineral Blend (Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Zinc Citrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Ferrous Fumarate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Beta-Carotene, Copper Gluconate, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Chromium Polynicotinate, Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, Selenomethionine, Cyanocobalamin, Cholecalciferol), Sodium Chloride, GanedenBC30 (Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086), Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Lactase
Allergen Warning:  


Directions For REAL MASS Probiotic Series:

BLEND Add 5 scoops per 24-28 fl. oz with water, nonfat milk or your favorite beverage for additional calories. Cover and blend for 20-30 seconds. Then add 1 or 2 ice cubes and blend for an additional 30 seconds.

SHAKE: Add 1 scoop per 5 fl. oz with water, nonfat milk or your favorite beverage for additional calories. Cover and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Then add 1 or 2 ice cubes and shake vigorously for an additional 10 seconds.

Suggested Use: Consume approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight through a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements. REAL MASS® Probiotic Series per day as part of a well-balanced Diet which includes whole foods and other calorie sources. For the best results, consume your daily protein needs over several small meals spread evenly throughout the day. For the best results, this should be used in conjunction with a weight training program under professional supervision with adequate rest for optimal recovery.

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